Breathe some fresh life into your vehicle

Do you need the rudimentary supporting devices like seals, bushings, and those tiny constituents that seem to wear and tear once in a while in just about every vehicle? At R & S Shaw Auto Supplies and Accessories, we can help you! Do you need tools for your DIY tasks? We stock them too! You can get these parts without having to spend a fortune since we offer them at very reasonable prices. Buy from our auto parts store and get only the best!

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We are the best supplier of new engine parts, auto body parts and components in Jamaica! Our parts are made from top-quality materials. Visit us today!

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Wide Range

Choose auto parts with unparalleled design and engineering. Our parts promise to deliver high level efficiency even in unfavourable driving conditions.

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Best Accessories

Be it lamps or license plate frames, you can opt from a wide range of add-ons for your automobile. You will find the best of car accessories at our store.

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About Us

Is the maintenance of your vehicle starting to become a challenge? Is keeping your car in shape turning into a daily battle? Are you having a hard time coping with the effects of daily usage in the advanced years of your vehicle? It’s time you consider seeking our help at R & S Shaw Auto Supplies and Accessories. We completely understand your frustration, which is why we provide you everything that you can possibly be looking for. Whatever vehicle parts you may need, at R & S Shaw Auto Supplies and Accessories, we have them here all under one roof!

R & S Shaw Auto Supplies and Accessories was established in 1996. We are one of the leading auto parts dealers in Montego Bay, Jamaica, specializing in spares parts for Toyota and Nissan motor vehicles. With our years of experience, we are able to source our parts at competitive prices, therefore making it affordable to our customers. We specialize in fenders, bumpers, bonnets, grilles, ball joints, rod ends, rack ends, control arms, bushings C-V joints, engine mounts, lamps, fire extinguishers, mag rims, license plate frames, fog lamps, and tints.